Jared, err...Jaded, Andrews is a self taught artist & musician based in Fort Wayne, IN.

His second cousin is a Christian cartoonist who once sat him down at a 1995 family reunion and showed him the ins & outs of 'toonin for the Lord. It sparked a fire inside him, but it wasn't long before J.A. took that knowledge and ran straight to the dark side with it: the slimy & sinful world of Rock n' Roll.

As a visual artist, J.A. found his stride making hundreds of gig posters for bands like Mike Watt, Beach Slang, Andy Frasco, Dehd, Futurebirds, The Lemons, Jimmy Whispers, The Memories, Gymshorts, Weird Paul Petrosky, Froggy Fresh, Clownvis Presley, Craig Brown Band, A Giant Dog, and countless other name-drop-worthy acts. Chances are you've seen some of his art at one of your favorite dive bars and before you even realized it, the show was over and his work was torn off the wall and thrown directly into the trash. He still makes gig posters but now he also makes digital prints, album covers, t-shirt designs, logos, stickers, original drawings, paintings, collages, and the occasional mural.    

As a musician, J.A. has periodically toured the country playing for dozens of people in semi-popular bands like Elephants In Mud, The Meat Flowers, Microwave Miracles, Trophy Club, and as himself, Jaded Andrews. He has released dozens of albums with various projects starting at the age of 16. He's written hundreds of songs that some people seem to thoroughly enjoy. His more recent solo work has been described as "a pancake breakfast after a double dose of Robitussin." 

J.A. has solemnly pledged to permanently ignore his better judgement and make music & art forever because it is sacred to him and he is also an idiot. 


For commissions / general inquiries:

[email protected]